Past Litters

CH Allusv Dreams Legend Flying Solo X Multi CH Legend's Hero Lancelot "Camelot Litter" (Whelped May 30, 2014)

CH Long Scent Legend's High Society X CH Balthazar (Whelped June 1, 2014)
Litter Pedigree

Can CH Longscent Legend's Labyrinth At Boru X Ch Quiet Creek's Rock Song "Rock Song Litter" (Whelped 08.01.2012)
Litter Pedigree

Legend's Something To Talk About (Gossip)
Legend's Pour Some Sugar On Me (Tess)
Legend's Sharp Dressed Man (Rev)
Legend's Quiet Creek's Livin' On A Prayer At Sherick's (Jovi)
Legend-Quiet Crk's Start Me Up At Sherick's (Jagger)

Can CH Longscent Legend's Labyrinth At Boru X Ch Orion's Timeless Legend of Olivia "Waiting Litter" (Whelped 03.19.2012)
Litter Pedigree

Legend's Luther At Last (Luther)
Legend's Worth The Wait (Magnus)
Legend's Wishing, Wanting, Waiting (Wyatt)
Legend's Wait For A Sure Thing Anasthasia (Ana)
Legend's Waiting On Cordelia (Cordelia)
Legend's Don't Be Late (Drago)
Legend's Sorry To Keep You Waiting (Aslan)
Legend's Wait For Me (Stanislao)
Legend's Wait, I'm Gonna Do It My Way (Garrus)
Legend's Late Night With Jesse Jayne (Jayne)

Ch Balthzar X Ch Orion's Timeless Legend Of Olivia "Comic Relief" Litter (10.18.2010)
Litter Pedigree
Legend's Sinful Humor Of Slim Shady (Slim)
Ch Legend's Funny Bone (Harrison)
Legend's Last Comic Standing (Belushi)
Legend's Laughin' Out Loud With Luigi (Luigi)
Legend's Hysterical Antics (Jethro)
Legend's I'm The Comic Relief (Paul)
Legend's Humor Me At Orion (Spencer)
Legend's Let Me Entertain You (Sabrina)
Legend's For Your Amusement (Lila)
CH Legend's Iris Full of Giggles (Iris)
Legend's Laughin' With Ring Around The Rosie (Rosie)

Ch Legend’s Hero Leopold X CH Legend’s Nutrageous Simone "The Charmed Ones" (01.12.2010)
Litter Pedigree
Legend’s Charming Emerald (Emi)
Legend’s Charmed By Stella Artois (Stella)
Legend’s Charm Bracelet (Chinny)
Legend’s Charming Ivey (Ivey)
Legend’s How Charming (Howie)
Legend’s Totally Charmed By Chanel (Chanel)
Ch Legend’s Charmed I’m Sure (Tabitha)
Ch Legend’s Notoriously Charmed At Maple Strasse (Tori)
Legend’s Forever Charmed (Marjorie)
Legend’s Charming Corazon De Leon (Cora)

Ch Legacy's Holy Bull X Ch Legend's Hero Lizabeth "Product Slogan Litter" (09.26.2009)
Litter Pedigree
CH Orion's Legend's Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin (Charmin)
CH Orion's Legend's Squeezably Soft (Mr. Whipple)
Orion's Legend's We Deliver For You (Reuben)
Orion's Legend's Because I'm Worth It, MTI (Hope)

Bastian du Hameau Jouas X Ch Tarleton Mabel "Musical films" Litter (01.14.2009)
Litter Pedigree
Can Ch Long Scent Legend's Labyrinth At Boru (Jereth) 
Long Scent Legend's Adonis, Swiss MT (Linus)
Long Scent Legend's Footloose (Bacon) 
Long Scent Legend's Damn Yankee (Yankee) 
Long Scent Legend's Moulin Rouge (Maura) 
Ch Long Scent Legend's High Society (Giselle) 
Long Scent Legend's Going Hollywood (Holly) 
Long Scent Legend's Evita, MTX (Evita)

CH Tracersown Hylbillies Arlo X CH Legend's Hero Lizabeth 'Timeless Litter"  (05.30.2008)
Litter Pedigree
Orion's Timeless Playboy Legend (Hefner)
CH Orion's Legend's Timeless Diva (Ava)
GCh Orion's Timeless Legend of Diesel (Diesel)
Orion's Timeless Legend of Willis (Willis)
Orion's Timeless Legend of Reginald (Reggie)
Orion's Timeless Cowboy Legend (Boss)
Orion's Timeless Legend of Viktor (Viktor)
Ch Orion's Timeless Legend At Skipton (Fiona)
Ch Orion's Timeless Legend of Olivia (Olivia)
Orion's Timeless Legend of George (George)

Ch Scess of Murphy's Irish Stout X Ch Legend's No Regeret "Priceless Litter" (08.20.2007)
Litter Pedigree
Legend’s Priceless Sophia (Sophia)

Ch Scess of Murphy's Irish Stout X Ch Legend's No Regeret "Nutrageous Litter" (01.04.2007)
Litter Pedigree
CH Legend’s Nutrageous Simone (Simone)
BIS/MBISS CH Legend’s Nutrageous Hamlet (Ogi)
Legend’s Nutrageous Phoebe (Phoebe) (D)

Ch Coshelav's Mausimo Guts X Ch Legend's Hero Lizabeth "French Astronomer Litter" (01.29.2007)
Litter Pedigree
CH Orion's Legend of Nicholas Lacaille (Nick)
Danish CH Orion's Legend of Jacques Cassini (Jacques)
Orion's Legend Of Emily Du Chatelet (Lilly)

CH Berenger du Noble Limier X Ch Housebuster's Discovery "Notable Litter" (09.14.2005)
Litter Pedigree
Ch Legend's Notable Sir Druide (Druide)
Legend's Notable Leo The Lion (Leo)
Legend's Notable Lord Rufus (Rufus)
Ch Legend's Notable Isaac Newton (Newton)
Legend's Notable King Arthur (Arthur)
Ch Legend's Notable Lady Cathrine (Cat)
Legend's Notable Mona Lisa (Mona) (D)
Can/Am Legend's Notable Rise To Fame (Memphis)
Legend's Notable Peter O'Toole (O'Toole)

Ch Heroes Monopoly X Legend’s Hero Liza "Salute Litter" (05.17.2005)
Litter Pedigree
Legend Salutes Sir Elliott (Elliott)
Legend Salutes Simon (Simon)
Legend Salutes Daphne Diener (Daphne)
Legend Salutes Sancho (Sancho)
Legend Salutes Sweet Poppy (Poppy) (D)

Ch Heroes Monopoly X CH Housebuster’s Discovery "Hero Litter"  (01.14.2004)
Litter Pedigree
Legend's Hero Lilith (Sydney)
Legend's Hero Liza (Liza) (D)
Ch Legend's Heroes Liberty (Libby)
Ch Legend's Hero Leopold (Leopold)
Legend's Hero Lucky Cafu, TD (Cafu)
Ch Legend's Hero Lucus (Luke)
Legend's Hero Lady Rozlyn (Roz) (D)
Multi Ch Legend's Hero Lancelot (Lancelot)
Ch Legend's Hero Lizabeth (Lizzy)

Ch Heroes Monopoly X CH Housebuster’s Discovery "Jazz Song Litter" (10.20.2001)
Litter Pedigree
CH Legend's No Regrets (Greta)
Legend's Oh Eddie (Eddie) (D)
Legend's Ain't Misbehavin' (Missy) (D)
CH Legend's Laughin' Louie(Louie) (D)
Legend's Mood Indigo (Casey)
Legend's Sophisticated Lady (Gypsy) (D)
Dan CH Legend's Stella By Starlight (Stella) (D)