Title Holders

CH Heroes Monopoy X CH Housebuster's Discovery Whelped 10.20.2001
CH Legend's Laughin' Louie (Louie)
(Eastern Specialty WD/BW, National Specialty RWD)
CH Legend's No Regrets (Greta)
Danish CH Legend's Stella By Starlight (Stella)
(2006 Clubshow Best of Breed and #1 Bloodhound in Denmark)

CH Heroes Monopoly X Ch Housebuster's Discovery Whelped 01.14.2003
Multi CH Legend's Hero Lancelot (Lancelot)
(2005 World Winner, 2006 Midwest Regional WD/BW)
CH Legend's Hero Leopold (Leopold)
CH Legend's Hero Lucus (Luke)
CH Legend's Hero Lizabeth (Lizzy)
(2005 National Best Puppy)
Legend's Hero Lucky Cafu TD (Cafu)
CH Legend's Heroes Liberty (Libby)

CH Berenger du Noble Limier X CH Housebuster's Discovery Whelped 09.14.2005
CH Legend's Notable Lady, CGC Catherine (Cat)
(2007 National Futurity BOS Junior)
Am/Can CH Legend's Notable Rise To Fame (Memphis)
CH Legend's Notable Isaac Newton (Newton)
(RWD 2006 Eastern, RWD 2006 National, 2007 Best Junior Futurity)
CH Legend's Notable Sir Druide (Druide)

CH Legend's No Regerts X CH Scess of Murphy's Irish Stout
BIS/BISS CH Legend's Nutrageous Hamlet (Ogi) 
(RWD 2007 ABC National, WD/BW 2008 Eastern Specialty, BOS 2009 Eastern Specialty, Multiple Group placer)
CH Legend's Nutrageous Simone (Simone)

CH Legend's Hero Lizabeth X CH Coshelav's Mausimo Guts Whelped 01.29.2006
CH Orion's Legend of Nicolas Lacaille (Nick)
(multiple group placer)
Danish CH Orion's Legend of Jacques Cassini (Jacques)

CH Legend's Hero Lizabeth X CH Tracersown Hylbillies Arlo Whelped 05.30.2007
CH Orion's Timeless Legend At Skipton (Fiona) 
CH Orion's Timeless Legend of Diesel (Diesel)
(group placer)
CH Orion's Legend's Timeless Diva (Ava)
(2011 Pacific Rim Bloodhound Regional AOM, group placer)
CH Orion's Timeless Legend of Olivia (Olivia)

Multi CH Tarleton Mabel X Bastian du Hameau Jouas Whelped 01.14.2009
Am/Can CH Long Scent Legend's Labyrinth At Boru (Jereth)
(2010 Best of Winners Eastern Specialty,multiple group winner/placer)
Long Scent Legend's Evita, Swiss MTX (Evita)
Long Scent Legend's Adonis, Swiss MTI (Linus) 
Ch Long Scent Legend's High Society (Giselle)
(2011 ABC National Award of Merit, 2010 World Dog Show Reserve Int Challenge Certificate)

Ch Legend's Hero Leopold X Ch Legend's Nutrageous Simone (01.12.2010)
Legend's Charming Emerald, Swiss MT (Emi)
Ch Legend's Notoriously Charmed At Maple Strasse (Tori)
Ch Legend's Charmed I'm Sure (Tabitha)

Ch Legend's Hero Lizabeth X Ch Legacy's Holy Bull (09.26.2010)
Ch Orion's Legend's Squeezably Soft (Mr. Whipple)
Ch Orion's Legend's Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin (Charmin)

Ch Balthazar X Ch Orion's Timeless Legend of Olivia (10.18.2011)
GCh Legend's Funny Bone (Harrison)
Ch Legend's Iris Full of Giggles (Iris)
Ch Legend's Sinful Humor of Slim Shady (Slim)

Ch Orion's Legend's Timeless Diva X Am/Can Ch Longscent Legend's Labyrinth At Boru 
CH Legend's Waiting On Cordelia (Cordelia)

Ch Long Scent Labyrinth At Boru & CH Quiet Creek's Rock Song
CH Legend's Something To Talk About (Gossip)

Ch Legend's Hero Lancelot X Ch Allusv Drms Legend Flying Solo
CH Legend's The Magic of Merlin (Merlin)
CH Legend's Lady Guinevere of Camelot (Guin)

CH Balthazar X CH Legend's High Society
CH Legend's Wicked Match (Nadal)
CH Legend's Wicked Good (Mallory)