Boru's Blame It On The Boogie

Owned by Susanna Anderson and Maggie O'Brien
Bred by Maggie, Mike and Debra O'Brien and Joanne Dagg  

Boru's Blame It On The Boogie

Am/Can Ch LongScent Legend's Labyrinth at Boru

Bastian du Hameau Jouas

Yarko du Noble Limier

Ivanhoe du Clos de la Pacaudiere

Multi Ch Tiffany du Noble Limier



Tennessee du Noble Limier

Multi Ch Tarleton Mabel

Ch Springbuck's Raindance Rhapsody

Ch Sherjac's British Sterling

Ch Springbuck's Dash of Nutmeg

Ch Ridgerunner Vision

Ch Sandlapper's I Got Even

Ch Ridgerunner Unique

Can Ch Boru's Midnight Lullaby

Ch Tracersown Hylbillie's Arlo

CH Tracersown McGruf Bothswain

Ch Tracersown Trooper

Ch Tracersown Golden Girl

Tracersown Linda's Stardust

Ch Serendipity's Lido

Ch Woodsong's Homegrown Onion

Can Ch Cu F'ola Arsin Around

CH Murphy's Continental Drift

Can Ch WBT's Tullamore Dew